Mentally Blocked


I’m not the first one to write about writer’s block. I won’t be the last. The things I’ll say are rather a call of desperation than a call for action.

I am mentally blocked. There you go. I said it out loud. Out loud for the world to hear it and out loud for everyone to know. If you’ve read The Secret and those self help books, you probably know that saying things out loud only makes them real and makes “the universe conspire” to get you that thing. Or in my case, conspire against you.

I say fuck this shit. I’m mentally fucking blocked, no universe can help me or stop me from facing this.

A dilemma. One of my favorite words. The sound of the word makes me happy… rather satisfied. The fact that I have a dilemma in my life, makes my life so much more interesting. I believe that life without problems or in other words my words  without a war, is terribly boring. Boring is a dreaded disease.

Dilemma. Major dilemma.

Not knowing what to write when you know you should write is a horrible war. Knowing what to write but not writing it because you’re too busy or too lazy is another terrible horrible war.

So many wars the writer must face. Let me remind you, i’m not here to offer solutions. I’m here to talk it out and let the world hear me.

Let the bitching world know that i’m going through war and that i’m going to fucking get over it. I’m going to fucking win this battle. I’m going to write everyday. I will write everyday.

This is it.

I will write everyday.


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