Friends Forever


For all the times we had fun

Its pretty but its tough.

Friendship. Yes that’s what I’ll be writing about.

Did it ever occur to you that in order to have friends, you have to go through plenty of trials? No? well let me enlighten you through this short story.

Name is Tia. Age is eighteen. Status is single. 

“I was hoping to see you.” I smiled at her as I sat down to the chair right next to her.

“Yep I’m sorry I’ve been so busy these days.” she replied.

Lets get one thing straight, I never asked for this friendship actually it found its way through my life miraculously. She invited herself in and she asked me to do the same for her, but now its different.

“Yeah its been weeks since i last saw you.” I said.

“Like I told you I’ve been really busy. Besides you know how it is with all the mess at work.” she replied while texting someone on the phone.

Yeah it’s quiet different from how it was. It’s like i don’t exist now. I know i’m not the only one who’s been through this. I know i’m not the one who who asked for this, but it happened to me anyway.

My friends leave and sometimes they don’t come back.

Or they change. Unrequited friendship, I call it. But it’s not totally unrequited. They try to show me they care when they don’t. They try to keep me in their lives as a spare yet they don’t. I’m tired of this. My heart feels like it went to a swim with all its clothes on and now its up in the air feeling cold and heavy.

This isn’t the first time it happened. I’ve lost many friends before and it hurt just the same. I seem to attract these kind of stuff.

Problem is that I didn’t even ask for this friendship. Like I said, she barged me into her life. She told me she wants us to go out, then she told me she wants us to travel, then she told me we’re best friends now. She called a lot too. Isn’t that how it goes? I practically never cared until she told me we’re like twins. We did everything together, and i was pretty sure that’s how it works.

Until I cared.

I cared a lot too, and i became the one who seems rather emotionally attached to her. It makes me seem pathetic but I don’t know what other ways are there to be friends best friends with someone. Isn’t that how you love them? but it happened anyways. It started to fade. The calls started to become shorter. The texts, there were none. As a matter of fact, even the ‘hanging out’ part started to be boring.

I don’t know is it me? Do they get bored? Am I boring? or Is it the fact that I start telling them my secrets so they have the satisfaction of getting what they want. I have no idea. I know one thing, and that is I can’t handle the heaviness in my heart anymore.

I was sad. Now I’m angry.

I’m angry at how unfair this all is. I’m angry at how people change. I’m angry at myself for being emotionally stuck on my friends best friends.

I stopped blaming myself. I love them. I love their memories. I wish it was all the same. I wish they’d cared just like me.

Forever is a myth. It’s a dull, unimaginative myth they created to fool us.

Friends forever.

Its okay though. I’ll get over it maybe.  No I’ll get over it someday  soon.


This isn’t the end of my short story because the story of friendship never ends, and it usually goes through ups and downs. I’m terribly sorry for the negative vibes but this is how I want to express it. I wish this wasn’t the way to express it. I wish I myself would never lose people, but unfortunately it just happens.


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