Overdose (Prompt was on my old blog)

large (1).jpg(A picture is worth more than a blank page…)

The life left their bodies as they smoked the cigarette, it was replaced by some strange euphoric creature that is called sin.
Sin has developed throughout their relation as time went by,
At first everything was simple; they used to hangout as children, buy ice-cream, play in the garden, fight over toys, cry to their moms and dance with each other.
As they grew older and sin started creeping in, they had matching tattoos, they bought clothes instead of ice-cream, they attended concerts for their favorite bands and they danced together.
As time went by and the teen years were over each of them went his own way,
She met a guy,
He met a girl,
She lost her innocence,
He took innocence away,
As I stare at the photo that unites them both, I think to myself how on earth did they get there?
The innocence is gone, sin has done its job perfectly, and as they grew older, time had them made into stone; they eventually met again, they let go of all the desires they held for each other, and now as they take the picture, they have more tattoos than usual, they don’t need clothes, they tell each other about their lives, and they dance together for one last dance. A dance that would stop their beating hearts. And as the dance climaxes, both of them will be internally free, held captives by their desires and their subdued cravings, this dance keeps them as one, the warmth of his body no different than hers, the taste of his lips, no different than hers. the mere distance between them doesn’t seem to exist, the smoke envelopes both their brains and bodies.

Together they dance with sin.



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