A Minute of Failure (was on my old blog)

She opened her eyes and the sun was casting it’s light. she was getting used to sleeping on giant trees like this one, but the shimmering light always annoyed her and made her wake up too early.

The girl ran away from everything and came to live in those woods, it’s been a week and her family  haven’t found her yet. The girl did everything possible to avoid insects and wild animals, it seems that the trunks of the tree practically had every kind of necessity for life on them.
She found water,  fruit, a place to sleep on and a shelter from wild animals.
Life in the woods seemed so much calmer with nothing but the insects threatening her peace of mind and her peaceful life.

The girl had almost killed herself when she was still living with her parents. They did everything to make sure she’d stop thinking about anything other than her studies…
That and so many other things, but the reason for her escape mostly lied in the minute of failure, the minute of failing to occupy your thoughts from all the deadly sins that kept buzzing around in her brain, she wouldn’t do what they told her, she was feeling that her thoughts are taking control and were about to attack. Her thoughts are the thing she fears the most, and she almost had them under control but her friends never gave her the chance to talk things out or discuss what’s annoying her, so the girl started talking to herself and forgot how to tell other people secrets.

Before her break down she had a fight with her parents, and the last words she said to them was, “Fuck you.”
Then she ran upstairs and her sanity over ruled her madness, she decided to kill herself and end this misery.
The girl sat on one of the comfy chairs in the room and started shaking violently, then she got up and as she made her way to the bathroom she caught a glimpse of her favorite book, the book was about a girl who escaped her reality and left everything to start a new life in a farm, her heroine was determined to change herself and her mind.

The girl held the book in her hand and then threw it on the bed, she ran to the bathroom and looked at her reflection, “I who stand before you is a sinner…”

She held the blade for almost half an hour before she threw it away and started crying and sobbing.
She collapsed on the floor.

She got up and headed to the bed, the bed was wide and empty, except for her favorite book lying there with no one to tame it. She picked it up and opened her favorite chapter and started reading it loudly.

The girl never thought she would ever lose her brain like that but she had to in order to get better, it’s like filling a cup, you have to pour some out in order to refill it back.

When this violent memory finally vanished, the girl climbed down the tree, and started walking towards the river…
When she reached the river she sat down and looked at the beauty and the ethereal view that lay upon her eyes, she made a great progress since the day she escaped her town and came here to live in peace.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she could never forget her minute of failure against her will, against her passion and against her self.


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